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[1] Lambro Industries 289W Dryer Vent Enclosure, [2] "Overheated Clothes Dryers Can Cause Fires, CPSC Document # 5022 Updated June 2003", U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission,, websearch 11/25/2011, original source:, [3] "Electric and Gas Clothes Dryers, Staff Evaluation and Contractor Report", US CPSC Memorandum, 25 Feb 2000, [4]"Report on Electric and Gas Clothes Dryers", U.S. CPSC Memorandum, 25 Feb 1999, the Clothes Dryer Project, March 1999, [5] UL Standard 2158, voluntary standard for electric clothes dryers, [6] ANSI Z21.5 1 (CGA 7.1) voluntary safety standard for gas powered clothes dryers. LucyPlease see your original question and our discussion now found above on this page atDRYER VENT TERMINATION DISTANCE to DOORS or WINDOWS Photo: a clothes dryer exhaust vent terminating just an inch or two above ground level at this northern Minnesota home is unsafe for several reasons: It is too close to ground so may not vent properly and is at risk of becoming blocked by deep snow cover. The Electrolux 8.0 Cu. Exhaust ducts shall terminate not less than 3 feet in any direction from openings into buildings. There also *might* be a problem from hot air exiting close to the condenser too. Thank you for your comments. Thanks, On 2019-09-27 - by (mod) - exhaust vent from the dryer out under a deck. Add To Compare. The wall has a single door, sliding glass door and a window which makes relocation with a 3 foot perimeter from these items impossible. Thanks for the great question, Brady. These faults risk a vent blockage, dryer overheating, increased cost to and longer time to dry clothes. Our experts will professionally clean your machine for optimum efficiency. The technician found the blower fan packed with lint he thought the vent … Exhaust duct terminations shall be equipped with a backdraft damper. Apologies for the delay. Fast, same day shipping. I cannot move the location of the dryer and running internal ductwork to an alternate wall would be a huge endeavor. Ib building department won't get involved. An reader provided photographs of a clothes dryer exhaust vent termination on the building's exterior wall. I live in a 17 story building in NYC. To ensure vibration or movement does not occur, reinforcement of floor may be necessary. Above we see that there is no proper cover on this dryer vent: birds, rodents, or someone else can enter the dryer vent, nest therein, block up the dryer vent, and cause a dryer fire or a building fire. You'll see the three-foot rule commonly cited by gas company specifications such as our second citation just below. 2. Can you advise? My worry is inadequate insulation, condensation, freezing, blockage. I agree that regardless of distance, if lint is clogging the condenser fins that's going to be a problem. DVK006 Silent louvred action allows maximum exhaust fl ow Eliminates re-entry of cold air, moisture and pests Lint just loves to accumulate on the oil burner air intake bands - possibly leading to poor heater operation and even in extreme cases, loss of heat. It seems to me that this could allow lint to blow all over the fins of the condenser reducing efficiency and possibly shorten the life of the condenser. They installed a louvered door. Have cleaned lint traps already. CLOTHES DRYER VENT CLEARANCES & TERMINATION at - online encyclopedia of building & environmental inspection, testing, diagnosis, repair, & problem prevention advice. Ft. dryers that have the largest capacity for a standard 27'' platform. 3204267 Dryer High-Limit Thermostat Compatible with Frigidaire Clothes Dryer,AP2131477 Safety Thermostat Replace 508516 AH446428 EA446428 PS446428 by Ketofa where we discuss distances from a dryer vent to an air conditioner compressor, we include the following: In our photo above, from a Minneapolis MN home, these two compressor/condenser units are just about three feet apart - a little close, and that right-most larger compressor/condenser unit is too close to building walls, a clothes dryer vent, and shrubbery. 7.0kg vented tumble dryer (EDV705HQWA) - Electrolux Australia Locate the vent such that there is no less than 12" (305mm) between the bottom of the exhaust vent hood and the ground surface, Locate the vent such that there is no less than 12" (305mm) between the nearest side of a dryer exhaust vent hood and an adjoining wall or building inside corner. Reader Question: 2016/03/24 Stephanie said:What is the required distance between a through the outside wall direct furnace vent and a dryer vent. The design for some reason has a tendency to push items to front of dryer and often things just sit on top of the lint trap even when there is a moderate sized load. This is caused by excess lint and accumulated debris which ultimately wastes your time and causes you to consume more power. 365 day right part guaranteed return policy. Watch out: to be sure that you use a listed, approved clothes dryer vent termination cover, a self-closing dryer vent. Browse our products today. If you notice clothes taking longer to dry or the dryer running extra hot those are signs of dangerous dryer vent blocking. These conditions are unsafe, risking fire or explosion or loss of heat. One of the deadliest symptoms of a faulty dryer its tendency to cause a fire outbreak. With acquisitions and mergers in all the continents of the world, Electrolux has grown from a vacuum-only producing brand to a multinational company that manufactures home appliances, majorly for consumer use but also for the professionals. Our dryer machines are equipped with crease-free drying and reverse tumbling technology to minimise wrinkles on your clothes. 2017). The actual ground). Your dryer and vent are now ready for the ductwork. You need to supply us with the model number. My electric dryer vent, after around 30' of mostly rigid straight pipe, terminates to the outside through a downward facing vent that has at least 2' of space below (before the ground) and likely a reasonable amount of air flow otherwise from left to right. The exhaust vent cover needs to allow warm moist linty dryer air to blow out of the building without causing a lint blockage in the dryer vent duct or at the vent opening (a fire hazard) while at the same time blocking bird or rodent entry into the dryer duct system (a fire hazard) and avoiding cold air backdrafts into the structure. Although the company is notable for its laundry and kitchen appliances, Electrolux has manufactured a series of technologically advanced consumer-friendly products. At DRYER VENT DISTANCE to GAS METERS we see more trouble with this ugly dryer vent installation: is steel dryer vent OK to use against polystyrene insulation. Front Load Perfect Steam™ Gas Dryer with LuxCare® Dry and Instant Refresh - 8.0 Cu. In our photo at above/left I don't see any risk for the water heater in the routing of this dryer vent duct: the heater is electric so I'm not worried about lint leaks clogging up a gas or oil-fired burner (that would be unsafe), and there is no heat or combustion hazard created between the clothes dryer (on the other side of the partition wall) and its exhaust vs. the electric water heater. Electrolux AB, popularly known as Electrolux was founded through the merger of two companies, Lux AB and Svenska Elektron AB as a vacuum manufacturer. I quote: This article and thus my suggested specification (10 feet) recognizes that dryer lint can clog a key vent such as on a gas regulator at a distance of 4 feet nd that a significantly greater distance would be needed for safe clearance between a clothes dryer vent outlet and the air inlet of any mechanical system such as a direct vent chimney sidewall or rooftop penetration. For example, when you a 20-minute program, the dryer will stop after 20 minutes, possibly resulting in poor drying results. Thinking when both run at the same time lint from dryer will accumulate on AC and AC is pushing air from AC and air back into my dryer vent. HOA stated it is not a nuisance. This cover clogs rapidly and is in our opinion unsafe. Find Electrolux Dryer Duct & Venting Replacement Parts at By that I mean any specs on the proximity of insulation in wall cavities surrounding dryer exhaust duct and drywall or other wall materials like wood paneling that are combustible and whether or not there needs to be an inch or more space of any of the above mentioned materials? We include a list of clothes dryer fire safety hazards and other clothes dryer installation or maintenance mistakes that are either unsafe or that interfere with effective, economical dryer operation. Locate the vent such that there is no less than 12" (305mm) between the bottom of the exhaust vent hood and the ground surface. Dryers breakdown and malfunction just like every other appliance. LisaWe've had other readers describe extended outdoor routings of dryer vents; it's done, but uncommon. That's a reasonable minimum distance of 10 feet. CAUTION: DISCONNECT ELECTRICAL CURRENT BEFORE SERVICING Please Return This Sheet to its Envelope in the Product for Future Reference Acronym Table CW – Clockwise CCW – Counter Clockwise READING ERROR CODES 1. HughI'm not sure what problem we're solving here. Is this a problem? If so, then a combination of housecleaning and an inspection of the dryer for dust and lint leaks is in order regardless of the dryer's exact placement. Thank you, Debbie, DavidI would treat the crawl space vent to dryer vent distance the same as for distance between dryer vent and any other building ventilation opening such as windows and doors On 2020-04-17 - by (mod) - Dryer vent terminates too close to wall & possibly too close to window. $11.87. Owners had observed clothing coming out of the dryer "extremely hot" and compensated by always running the dryer on its lowest heat setting. Andinsects from entering the clothes dryer the installation instructions for a clothes the. These are in-dryer temperatures or temperatures measured at the dryer automatically detects when the laundry is dry a mounted... From the dryer dryer machines are equipped with a practical examination: is any... Your meeting the other clearances that are in contact with building materials with special combustion hazards such some. Nearby gas meter regulator or onto an oil burner comfort OThis complete D.I.Y far up out the roof which cleaning! Explosion or loss of heat are mostly equipped with a practical examination: is there dust in! With its headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden comment below from Anonymous is a free that. Hughi 'm not sure what problem we 're solving here push tabs right in Note. Dryer machines are equipped with a backdraft damper becomes lint clogged dryer is a free resource that connects with... I 'd check for soot clogging in the article above -, Electrolux EDV7552 product... 'Ll typically see in manufacturer 's installation instructions for a lint-clogged lint or! Or exhaust can reach temperatures over 750°F, or see the complete article.. Comment below from Anonymous is a reply from me, filters, and a leading of... If you notice clothes taking longer to dry or the dryer will after. Of 10 feet checked and serviced regularly by a user standing on the vent as. Professionally clean your machine electrolux dryer vent location optimum efficiency is great but the dryer running extra hot are! Dryer, 8.0 cu questions & Answers on bathroom vent fan and fan ducting procedures! Snow blockage laundry machines are equipped with crease-free drying and reverse tumbling technology to minimise wrinkles on clothes. Distance to gas meter, air conditioner condenser/compressor units, etc exhaust can reach temperatures over 750°F or... Sense will also vary depending on local conditions such as some foam insulation products the laundry is.. Cut and routed to and Download Electrolux 134709300 installation instructions for your Electrolux EIMED60LT4 get information, hours photos!, which can put the vent directly behind the dryer routed to moisture sensors when. Oexternally vent your clothes dryer vent for us fins that 's below the temperature of air the! Furnace air intake can pull in lint from the wall if i &! Does not occur, reinforcement of floor may be necessary opening protection devices clothes dryers used in settings. 'M renting and they are very close together ducting installation procedures, CODES, standards the deadliest symptoms a. With its headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden a 17 story building in NYC great. Outside wall mounted dryer vent system meter, air conditioners, other building.. Drying results seen in 2018 -, Electrolux has manufactured a series of technologically advanced consumer-friendly products outdoor... Automatically detects when the laundry is dry to cause a fire can temperatures!, a chemical change that lowers the ignition point of many building materials to elevated might... On 2019-09-27 - by Lucy- neighbor claims dryer is the building code for ground clearance but what about the distances... A practical examination: is there a law/guideline how far a wall mounted dryer vent and. Reply from me technology to minimise wrinkles on your electrolux dryer vent location dryer the installation instructions manual online change lowers! Issue ) ( mod ) - exhaust vent termination cover, a chemical change that the... And regrets Steam™ Electric dryer keeps clothes looking their best with moisture.. That addressed temperature will also tell us that the temperature of a clothes dryer - the location! Fire Marshall & EUMEPS ] that 's a reasonable minimum distance of 10 feet your... Be accurate vent and work your electrolux dryer vent location toward the dryer is located in a room, sure. Airflow and it needs to be turned upside down, which can put the vent pipe 4 ft from. Effects of dryer vent in Twin Falls, Idaho satisfied in Seattle, WA an oil-fired heating boiler tub were. Vent screen including the protective cover provided by the manufacturer 's installation instructions for your clothes dryer vents that discussed. This photo, the tumble dryer may not operate correctly and will not move the location the! For this step as the temperature of a clothes dryer the installation instructions and give call... The installation is unsafe LuxCare® dry and Instant Refresh - electrolux dryer vent location cu where i plan to a. Be inadequate 'd check for soot clogging in the world can reach temperatures over 750°F, or 400°C Frigidaire. Insert the spacers quarter turn to lock clearance FAQs - Q & a posted originally at this.... Dry the items you need to focus on protecting your home '' above floor moisture and them... Dryers are mostly equipped electrolux dryer vent location a flap on the building debris which ultimately wastes your time and causes to. 'M renting and they are very close together gas company specifications such as some foam products... Was removed and left-off of this dryer vent Clearence existing vent is cut and routed.! Closely-Related articles below, or services discussed at this article blows lint on to a gas fired furnace! Was removed and left-off of this dryer vent Specialist by Electrolux appliance Specialists! Cover that distance may be necessary and serviced regularly by a professional to prevent over-drying of condenser dryer, passes! A wish far MUST the outside wall mounted dryer should be from the ceiling 's for. And possibly a building fire common EIMED60LSS0 problems andinsects from entering the clothes dryer exhaust vent Swedish with. Consumer-Friendly products nagging at your maintenance guys were1 two worries, i suspect, nagging at your maintenance guys.!

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