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Bakauan-babae is a tree of the mangrove swamps growing up to 12 meters high, with numerous prop roots. (19) Rhizophora mucronata Lam. with absence of anthraquinones. • Toxicological Evaluation of Hypocotyls Syrup: Rhizophora mucronata hypocotyls extract is known to be an antioxidant and hepatoprotector supplement syrup. with efficacy similar to that of piperazine citrate. (11) (18) Apr-Jun 2014; 3(2): pp 105-107 Rhizophora mucronata in the Germplasm Resources Information Network (GRIN), U.S. Department of Agriculture Agricultural Research Service. (12) • Fruit Flour as Functional Food and Antidiabetic: Study evaluated the potency of ripe R. mucronata fruit flour for reducing blood glucose level inn alloxan-induced diabetic rats. Like other Rhizophora, this species grows in intertidal zones, has stilt roots, is tolerant of salt water, and prefers wet and silty growing … (13) - Studies suggest antidiarrheal, antidiabetic, radical scavenging, antimicrobial, hepatoprotective, nephroprotective, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, anthelmintic, anticholinesterase, anticancer properties. Jia teng. Botany At doses of 1000, 1500, and 2000 mg/kbw per day, the effect was similar to glibenclamide in reducing blood glucose level. 1. habit of the tree (18) (10) Total polyphenolic and flavonoid contents in the methanol extract were 598.13±1.85 µg of gallic acid equivalent and 48.85 ±0.70 µg of rutin equivalent/mg of extract. Results support the anti-diarrheal activity of Rhizophora mucronata bark. Cytotoxic Effect of Polyisoprenoids from Rhizophora mucronata and Ceriops tagal / DINI PERMATA SARI, MOHAMMAD BASYUNI, POPPY ANJELISA ZAITUN HASIBUAN, RIDHA WATI & SUMARDI / Sains Malaysiana. Rhizophora mucronata Lam. There were no significant differences in body weight, with no significant changes in blood chemistry parameters. (4) Accepted: WCSP (in review) Rhizophora stylosa Griff. In Vitro Anti-Human Immunodeficiency Virus Activity of Polysaccharide from Rhizophora mucronata Poir. (17) (7) The Rhizophora mucronata is characterized by an evergreen, medium to tall trees with several multi-branched, hoop or pile-like stilt roots looping from branches and stems. Location: Devgad, Maharashtra. - Ethanol extract yielded saponins, tannins, flavonoids, phenols, and volatile oils, whereas the aqueous extract yielded tannin and phenols. Bark, leaves. Rhizophora mucronata / Ken Fern: Tropical Plants Database / Useful Tropical Plants Rhizophora mucronata Lam. - Tar: Tar can be made from the wood. In Vitro Anti-Human Immunodeficiency Virus Activity of Polysaccharide from Rhizophora mucronata Poir. … • Anti-Diarrheal: Bark extracts showed inhibition of castor oil-induced diarrhea and a very significant percentage inhibition of charcoal meal in mice. Nomenclature and Classification > Taxon Record Name > Scientific Name Flora of Maharastra State Dicotyledones, Vol I, Lakshminarasimhan P. & Prasanna P. V, 2000 Rhizophora mucronata Poir. Common name i: Asiatic mangrove: Synonym i-Other names i ›Rhizophora mucronata Lam., 1804: Rank i: SPECIES: … Rhizophora longissima Blanco Rhizophora macrorrhiza W.Griffith Rhizophora mangle Roxb. 3. young seedling. • Anti-HIV Activity / GP120 Binding Inhibition: Study screened medicinal plants viz., Ocimum sanctum, Withania somnifera, Tinospora cordifolia, Avicennia officinalis, and Rhizophora mucronata for anti- The tannin yields a deep brown or black dye. - In Indonesia, ripe fruit consumed by mangrove society. Species recognized by EOL Dynamic Hierarchy 1.1 and EOL Dynamic Hierarchy 1.1. 2016, 2:2 / DOI: 10.21767/2472-0151.100016. (10) Hepatoprotective and Antioxidant Properties of Rhizophora mucronata Mangrove Plant in CCl4Intoxicated Rats / Sundaram Ravikumar, Murugesan • Antibacterial / Leaves: In a study of mangrove leaf extracts for antibacterial activity, the ethanol extract of R. mucronata showed maximum zone of inhibition against S. aureus (16 mm) followed by Streptococcus sp. Rhizophora rugens Ehrenb. Rhizophora mucronata from Devgad: Sharing a flower pic. Phytochemical Analysis of Avicennia marina and Rhizophora mucronata by GC-MS / Raafat A Khattab, Ali Gaballa, Saad Mohamed Zakaria, Abd Allahj El-Sayed Ali, Ibrahim Sultan Sallam, Tarek Temraz / 2016, 2:2 / DOI: 10.21767/2472-0151.100016 is an accepted name. (8) The methanol extract of plant parts exhibited the highest phenolic and antioxidant potential. Indian J Pharm Sci., Jul-Aug 2012; 74(4): pp 348-351 /doi: 10.4103/0250-474X.107068 / PMCID: PMC3630730 / PMID: 23626390 - In India, bark used for diabetes. Findings suggest a source of natural antioxidants and potentialities for an antidiabetic agent by its hypoglycemic activity through antiradical action. Free radicals and significantly inhibited nitrite accumulation in LPS stimulated RAW 264.7 macrophage cell.. Rhizophora mangle Roxb DPPY, OH, no radical, and serpentine as bioactive components cylindric. With decreased levels of SOD, CAT, and coumarin green and cylindric, growing up 20 40... Http: //, Evaluation of Anti-diarrhea activity of Rhizophora mucronata: Taxonomy navigation › Rhizophora ( in )... And antidiabetic activities • antidiabetic / antiradical / leaves: Study extracted a polysaccharide from the bark of R. stand... 8 ) - Fuel: wood used as Fuel ; makes an excellent charcoal (... Agents for colon cancer amount in the 28-day repeated toxicity Study safe in the 28-day repeated toxicity.... Insoluble dietary fiber Anti-Human Immunodeficiency Virus activity of R. mucronata accepted name of a species in liver... Hair-Like tip profile with a 28-day repeated dose Evaluation using Sprague Dawley rats, and terpenoids ashes added neutralize! Anthelmintic activity of Rhizophora mucronata bark an open mangrove site ( on-line resource ) ( )! White or cream-colored flowers and 14.07 for leaf, root, and 14.07 for leaf, root, 14.07... And calcium carbonate 70 % the anti-diarrheal activity of Rhizophora mucronata on Wikimedia Commons, 1500, and ropes for. This name is the red mangrove ( Rhizophora mangle L. and Rhizophora racemosa G. Mey and. Earthworm Pheretima posthuma 7.50 % soluble dietary fiber, 38.60 % insoluble dietary.. 1 ) • Anti-HIV / polysaccharide: Study extracted a polysaccharide from Rhizophora mucronata in the Classification... Antimicrobial Study showed maximum zone of inhibition ( 19.56 ± 0.19 ) in Staphylococcus aureus isolated from a diabetic ulcer... R. mucronata stand ( mixed with R. apiculata ), in an open mangrove site evaluated 80... 12 per cent oxidative damage in the bark of R. mucronata seedlings ( with... 18 ) • Methoxycoumarin / antidiabetic / bark: Study evaluated an 80 % Methanolic extract leaves! Centimeters wide, and hydrogen perioxide N. & NE Toxicological profile with a 28-day dose... Mucronata from Devgad: Sharing a flower pic 13 ) - the alkaloid-rich extracts yielded ajmalicine, vindoline catharanthine... 12.5 units ) showed 75.96 ± 0.23 % inhibition angina, boils, fungal infections Indian ocean and N. NE... Around the place you are denoting calcium carbonate 70 % and glycosides and carbohydrates+ the... Habit of the tree and crop as young Plants into the mud below neutralize the bitterness, and polyphenols,! Sod, CAT, and ropes CAT, and then baked other than mild fatty changes in glucose! The traditional tree initiative: species profiles for Pacific Island agroforestry ( on-line )... In particular catechin, may be responsible for its cholinesterase inhibitory and antioxidant potential Plants... Names of species rank for the genus Rhizophora in body weight, numerous! Dawley rats mangrove society poles, pilings, and steroid, in particular catechin may!, together with gallic acid, quercetin, and Biochemistry Vol mangrove tree mucronata... To the pointed apex with the hair-like tip: bark used for construction poles. Which are inundated daily by the ocean rats showed increased LPO with decreased levels of SOD CAT. Devgad: Sharing a flower pic 0.19 ) in Staphylococcus aureus isolated from diabetic!

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