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Marucci CAT8 (-3) BBCOR Baseball Bat - Black - 2019 Model Marucci is back in 2019 with one of the best BBCOR bats from 2018. Investing in a wood baseball bat can be a scary idea originally, since they could break when swung incorrectly. Wood baseball bats are available in a wide range of price points. Moreover, there is a special thing in maple and birch bats – an ink dot above the knob. And now, thanks for reading! Wood baseball bats are made from 3 main types of wood, which are Ash, Maple, and Birch. The most interesting thing is Supra-Helix Grip wrap. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates. Each type of bat is either more or less favorable to players, depending on the hardness, flexibility, durability, and sound. Sometimes, beginners complain about the slightly heavier weight than other wood baseball bats. Nowadays, baseball has been a popular game among teenagers and young adults. Multiple Sizes. However, although it has decreased in popularity, the ash bat is the most flexible one, which can give players the feeling of an aluminum bat. For two reasons above, this Louisville Slugger is presented for speed and control. This means the bat is all hand made or just finished by hand. Easton has always been known for excellent products and the Easton Ghost X -3 college Baseball Bat is one of the best. The easiest way to detect the right weight for your bat is to hold it in 45 seconds straight in front of your chest. Are you a power hitter or a contact hitter? Some of the most popular brands of bats include DeMarini, Easton, Rawlings, Louisville Slugger, and Marucci. Strictly Necessary Cookie should be enabled at all times so that we can save your preferences for cookie settings. This is why a lot of balanced wood bats are made from ash. The only thing you should take note is, players may suffer from flying barrels if you hit the ball on the end grain. Bamboo: It is really durable, even more than maple. #1: Louisville Slugger Genuine Series 3X Ash Mixed: Provides Power And Has Great Durability, #2: Louisville Slugger Genuine Series 3 Maple C271 – Parent: Better Bat Speed And Control, #3: Louisville Slugger WTLWYA125A20: The Best Youth Wood Bats, #4: EASTON B2000 White Ash Wood: Maximum Hardness And Showcases Their Engineering Prowess, #6: Mizuno Maple Elite Baseball Bat: Budget Blaster, Things to Consider When Choosing A Wood Bat, How Many Balls Are Used in a Baseball Game, Best Wood Baseball Bats – Quick comparison, #5: EASTON Pro 110: A Little Crazy – Most Innovative, Louisville Slugger 2020 Youth Genuine Series, The Definitive Guide to the Best Youth Baseball Gloves, The Best Youth Baseball Cleats For Your Kids In The Ultimate Game, Best Catchers Gear Set – Finding The Perfect Fit. The whole bat is finished with full black, giving players a feeling of mystery and power. It is known for its well-balanced swing, a feature that makes it a favorite for power hitters. It can be said that Louisville Slugger is the leading manufacturer in terms of baseball bats and other accessories. We hope that, with our detailed review and guidelines, you can choose your own best wood baseball bat. It is applied with the design innovation and expertise of metal bats of this company and thus, the overall durability of the bat is much more increased. At one point they were pretty much the only wood bat manufacturer. Obviously the market has since exploded with different brands, but Louisville Slugger has maintained their position as one of the most popular wood bats you can buy. When purchasing a wooden bat, it’s important that you look into … What is the Best Type of Wood Bat? This year, the PRO 271 Ash wood bat from Easton is among the best wooden baseball bats out there. However, ash is the least durable wood of all. Maple: It is now estimated to be used by 70% of players. And one of them is Wilson Louisville Slugger WTLW3AMIXB1632. This means that Easton baseball bats are suitable for both amateurs and professional players. These are aimed at young players, but they may not stand up to repeated use. What is more, players can choose either ash or maple wood. About the weight, players should consider the weight drop (weight to length ratio) carefully. These are the top two because not only do they provide some of the best bats, but are some of the most trusted bat companies across the industry. The walnut brown finish really makes it a premium wood baseball bat. However, with all the benefits of swinging a wood bat, purchasing a wood bat is well worth the investment to improve as a hitter. The weight drop of this Mizuno bat is approximately minus 3. Combined with that, the end of the bat is cupped to increase swing speed. Sophisticated! Low estimates place maple usage at 70% among MLB players. Ash: This is one of the oldest wood types in baseball bat manufacturing. It is top quality wood, usually from Pennsylvania, which gives a straight grain and this is the most important criteria for the best wood bats used today. Why is it? This type of wood is hard and dense due to close grains and does not suffer much from flaking. Moreover, it is made from maple wood, a popularly durable type of wood compared to its counterparts. The size of the barrel offers a great balance between swing speed and hitting power. Free Shipping on wood baseball bats From America's #1 Baseball & Softball Retailer! This baseball bat is picking up a storm of conversations for a reason, and has to be considered one of the best drop 3 bats around. It is famous for its flexibility and lightweight. How to Choose the Right Wood Bat for You? Moreover, this bat comes constructed from light ash wood that can flex when you make contact through the zone. Ash. For those who are contact hitters, we highly recommend this wood bat for you. Weight and Length are vital to the games. At a glance, players may be attracted by the brown shiny coat of the bat. Best Bats For Self Defense – Keep Yourself Safe And Sound! As far as length is concerned, if the bat is too long, it may have unnecessary weight and make you tired. This is because the bat is made from maple wood which is a strong type of wood. … Read real, unfiltered wood baseball bat reviews from parents, players, and coaches to find the best wood bats at JustBats. Good as it is, due to its being small, this wood baseball bat is more suited with young players, amateurs, or those who want to have fun or practice. For fear of that, manufacturers have placed the label on the end to encourage hitting with the face grain. Therefore, if you decide to take it up, owning a good bat is a great advantage to help you win the points. A power hitter is a skilled player who uses power to hit the home runs. Marucci has taken the successes of each of their previous models and improved upon them to create a near perfect drop 3 bat. Do not worry too much when your wood baseball bat does not feature the wood listed above. I’ve been swinging a wood bat for 20 years, and professionally for 14 years. Looking for the best baseball bats for the 2020-2021 season?. Birch bats don’t flake as well. Wooden bats are safe and durable, which can ensure the comfort and safety of trainees during competition or practice. Side note: Although it is durable, players should preserve it in good condition with no mild and direct sunlight, which are known to fade the finishes and make the bat prone to flaking. The advantage is that it can combine the strength of the materials included. Compared to other wood baseball bats on our list today, this one is comparatively cheaper. Nothing compares to swinging a wooden bat on the field. First of all, this baseball bat is made from ash wood, which was very popular years ago. You will be able to choose the proper size of this high-quality cast baseball bat in accordance with your height. Used by about 75% of MLB hitters. However, for ranks, the composite bats must have the BBCOR-certified stamp. The silver design is fairly stylish. The drop 5, we submit, is the best bat on the planet. Other baseball bat types include youth/little league, big barrel, USSSA, BBCOR, and wooden. So as to choose the right wood baseball bat for your own, there are some vital factors that you should take into careful consideration before making an order: Although there are many different types of hitters in baseball, in fact, they can be divided into 2 main types: Different types of wood are different in hardness, flexibility, durability, and sound of the bat. Several bats are delivered with scratches or defects. It is, at least these days, challenging to find. Along with that, the cupped end and small knob also help to balance the bat and make it easier to control. Let’s add it to your shopping bucket right away! Maple is the most widely used baseball bat wood, at least at the pro level. We are using cookies to give you the best experience on our website. Posted on June 17, 2011 November 12, 2019 by jesse. In this article, we have included many useful pieces of information: Wood baseball bats have been used for a long time since this game was created. It is really very smooth when hitting the ball, in other words it has some amazing sort of Pop. Put purely and simply, the best wooden baseball bats are made from ash. Here is the checklist of most used wood for bats among famous players. If you have any comments or questions on this topic, do not hesitate to leave a comment below. Combining these two features, you have a classic-looking bat with a relatively low price. All bats are not created equal because not all hitters are created equal. Maple is the hardest of the three major wood species used in pro baseball (the others are ash and birch). At first glance, its eye-catching color of black gives people a feeling of intact. However, it is not popular as it can’t perform as well as others and should be used for practice only. This means that every time you visit this website you will need to enable or disable cookies again. It is considered to be safer as there are no flying barrels when breaking. What is more, unlike stiffer wood bats, this ash-made baseball bat guarantees the safety for players. What Are the Different Types of Wood Bat Cuts? Along with that, the wood is handcrafted with advanced technology, making this baseball bat harder and featuring high speed. The performance of a wood bat depends largely on how you choose it, including styles and preferences. Top 10 Best Wood Bats for Baseball Not many of my competitors are actually former baseball players and athletes, so this site will always have that X Factor over the others. Louisville Slugger has been making some of the best wood bats on the market since as long as I can remember. Easton is a brand that supplies with different sizes for different players. This bat is known to suit both contact and gap hitters. These are good for intermediate players who want to try wood bats for the first time. Here’s a list of the common wood materials used and their case for being the best wood for baseball bats. The only thing you should take note of is the weight drop of this bat, which means weight to length ratio. Most importantly, this baseball bat features high-quality youth wood and a medium-sized handle, which is completely suitable for the younger hands as it does not need to be regulated. Wood baseball bats are made from 3 main types of wood, which are Ash, Maple, and Birch. As noted above, maple is a diffuse-porous wood, meaning that the grains do not run in a straight line. They are more forgiving when dealing with mis-hits and aren’t susceptible to falling apart due to normal wear and tear. The Maple C271 is arguably one of Louisville Slugger`s most popular bats and is widely used in the Major league. Thanks to the ash wood, the Wilson Louisville Slugger is given the traditional look. In contrast, according to the description of manufacturers, this wood baseball bat belongs to the Series 3X Ash, so it is a little bit heavier than its counterparts. The least-expensive wood bats cost $20 to $40. Their wood grain’s nature means you won’t have to worry about these bats breaking down with repeated usage. In fact, the black finish helps the bat always look new and prevents such damages as scratches from being seen. Wood Bats are baseball bats made from Ash, Maple, Bamboo, Birch , or a combination of composite materials and wood ( Composite Wood ). Yes, of course. This is a two piece composite bat that is constructed with a larger barrel. Cookie information is stored in your browser and performs functions such as recognising you when you return to our website and helping our team to understand which sections of the website you find most interesting and useful. The laser feature adds style to the bat. Made in the USA with white ash wood from North America, the Easton B2000 white ash wood can be said to feature many characteristics of ash wood, including the softness which gives players a forgiving feeling and sweet spots. And the coolest thing is that it is handcrafted. Mid-range wood bats cost $40 to $75. Both of the features help reduce unneeded weight and enhance the balance of the bat. At Phoenix Bats, we produce high quality wood bats forged from Maple, Yellow Birch and Northern White Ash to create the most durable wood bats on the market for … For those who are looking for a powerful and durable wood baseball bat, we strongly recommend the product of the Louisville Slugger brand.

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